Jeffrey Hermans, format producer BNR Nieuwsradio: “Working with Strike Jingles by Capital of Media was fantastic. The package has become exactly what we want. What I liked so much about the cooperation is that Anthony and his team always think with the client and are not afraid to give their opinion on proposed ideas, this can only result in benefits for the product. Along with the love for audio at Capital of Media, this has resulted in a great jingle package! 2015 could not start better!”

  • theme KEY tempo
  • 01 BNR Builders Em (9A) 120
  • 02 BNR FD Persoonlijk On Air D (10B) 100
  • 03 BNR Living with no limits D (10B) 126
  • 04 BNR Startups Am (8A) 110
  • 05 BNR Coming up teaser 2016 Am (8A) 115
  • 06 BNR Hour Summary A#m (3A) 135
  • 07 BNR TOP OF HOUR 2016 Bm (10A) 128
  • 08 BNR NEWS UPDATE INTRO 2016 Em (9A) 128
  • 09 BNR News Update Bed Em (9A) 128
  • 10 BNR News update weather Em (9A) 151