The weather in Belgium is getting better by the day and the summer is getting closer! To support the weather gods, AC station Nostalgie asked Strike Jingles by Capital of Media to compose new, sunny, summer jingles. The update contains 6 cuts in total; 5 basic ids and a sunny Top of Hour!

Kristof Standaert, Imaging Director at Nostalgie says: “This is our 3rd update of the jingles from Strike by Capital of Media. The result? Sparkling and successful contemporary summer cuts, with a perfect match with our other two jingle packages by Capital of Media and our 80s and 90s music format. We can’t wait for the summer and play them on air. Let the sun shine!”

  • theme KEY tempo
  • 01 FAST 01 E (12B) 125
  • 02 FAST 02 Am 120 (8A)
  • 03 MEDIUM 01 D (10B) 126
  • 04 MEDIUM 02 Cm (5A) 110
  • 05 SLOW C (8B) 102