• Lunchbox I for Gijs 2.0 every workday on NPO Radio 2

Strike by Capital of Media presents its latest production for Dutch national radio NPO Radio 2, the most listened to radio station in the Netherlands (Holland). For lunch program Gijs 2.0 of popular DJ, Gijs Staverman we produced the jingle package 'Lunch Box I'. Staverman had very specific wishes for his jingles and were sung by four vocalists, including Gijs himself.

"Once again Strike jingles by Capital of Media proved that they are a very good listener and know exactly what the customer want. We supplied them with a few keywords, which was enough to impress us with a new, fresh, contemporary jingle package", said Peter Brinkmann - Editor in chief of “De Wild in de Middag”(KRO-NCRV, NPO Radio 2).

  • theme KEY tempo
  • 01 BASIC ID 01: KATY E (12B) 130
  • 02 BASIC ID 02: OLA B (1B) 112
  • 03 BASIC ID 03: WARM PAUSE F (7B) 147